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Subsea Remote Controlled Clamp Installation Tool

Subsea Remote Controlled Clamp Installation Tool

Image Subsea 1200RC Remote Tapping Machine

Subsea 1200RC Remote Tapping Machine

Image SmartPlug® Isolation Technology

SmartPlug® Isolation Technology

Offshore Services

TDW Offshore Services Offers a Broad Range of Products and Services

TDW Offshore Services is the the trusted world leader in pipeline equipment and services. We specialise in delivering safe integrity solutions for offshore applications, and are widely regarded as the experts in subsea pipeline intervention. We are well know for innovative, customised, high performance solutions that drive industry standards forward and protect the pipeline assets of customers throughout the world, throughout their equipment lifecycles.

With 90 years of hands-on experience in pipeline equipment and services, and 50 years of subsea interventions, we fully understand your pipeline integrity problems and emergency pipeline repair system needs. Our products are designed, built and proven to meet the challenges you face today, and our global services are structured to provide the on-site capabilities and expertise required to ensure that solutions are deployed safely and successfully.

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Subsea Remote Controlled Clamp Installation Tool

The Subsea Remote Controlled Clamp Installation Tool provides pipeline operators with a safe, reliable and efficient means to installing clamps or clamp-type products for multiple subsea pipeline interventions. It works at depths of 3,000-metres / 9,840-feet, and also in shallower waters that are unsafe for divers. With uniquely broad and versatile capabilities, the Clamp Installation Tool can be integrated into emergency pipeline repair systems (EPRS) inventory for rapid interventions.

SmartTrackTM System

The SmartTrackTM electromagnetic communication system has been developed for tracking, positioning, controlling and monitoring the TDW SmartPlug® isolation tool, inline inspection tools and a wide range of pipeline pigs. It may be used subsea, topside or with underground pipelines. Its accuracy and reliability, combined with its ability to remotely activate and deactivate the transponder, make it the most flexible system on the market.

SmartPlug® Isolation Technology

The SmartPlug® Isolation Technolgy makes it possible to isolate pipelines at high operating pressures so maintenance and repairs can be conducted quickly, without bleeding down the entire system. The SmartPlug isolation method helps customers save money while protecting the environment. Intervention and repairs are completed with minumum disruption meaning that:

  • Blow down volume is eliminated or drastically reduced, minimizing release of hydrocarbon vapors.
  • No need to treat chemicals or dispose of contaminated water before rec-commisioning.
  • No holes or potential lead points are left at the isolation location.
  • Risk of accidental flooding during construction of offshore pipelines is eliminated.
  • No need to flare gas or remove pipeline contents.

Subsea 1200RC Tapping Machine

The Subsea 1200RC tapping machine is an innovative topside-driven hot tap machine witha a passive ROV interface. It can be safely operated down to depths of 3,000 meters. This new addition to TDW's portfolio addresses significant subsea challenges faced by pipeline operators and provides a complete shallow and deep-water solution for everything from routine pipeline maintenance to emergency interventions.

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