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Interactive Reporting

Interactive Reporting

Interactive Reporting

Intuitive Inline Inspection Reporting at Your Fingertips

Designed to quickly and accurately identify defects that pose a threat to pipeline integrity, TDW’s Interactive Report (IR) allows users to easily navigate inline inspection (ILI) data, filter and plot pipeline features, select key defects and export data to aid in remediation.

The IR pipeline overview is an interactive layout of the pipeline and inspection data. Circumferential orientation is on the Y-axis and axial distance on the X-axis. Icons are present for every reported feature and can be toggled on/off, filtered, selected, and navigated to. Quickly zoom in on an area by drawing a box, double clicking a feature or scrolling the mouse wheel and all views and plots will be updated to the selection.

Additional views and graphs provide additional navigation for identifying defects that pose threats. Save a screenshot, export a table or print a dig sheet within a few clicks. All views and graphs simultaneously update.

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