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Pipeline Valves

Pipeline Valves

 Pipeline Valves

Pipeline Valves

Pipeline Valves

Whatever the Pressure or Line Size TDW has the Pipeline Valve Solution

TDW designs and manufactures a family of valves for use in tapping and plugging operations when valve recovery is desired. Our SHORTCUTT® valves and SANDWICH® valves are industry standard tapping valves used on everything from 2-inch low-pressure gas distribution systems to 48-inch high-pressure crude oil lines.

Our valves are low-profile gate valves designed to minimize the travel distance required for the tapping machine to complete the tap. Most valves require an operational safety factor of pressure equalization on both sides of the disc before opening, and our valves feature an internal bypass mechanism to accomplish that.


SANDWICH® valves are designed for use with TDW Tapping Machines, TDW STOPPLE® plugging machines, and fittings with LOCK-O-RING® flanges during hot tapping and plugging operations.

Distribution Valves

The line of TDW distribution valves includes the SHORTCUTT® 500 valve, SHORTCUTT® Valve and SHORTSTOPP® Valve. All are designed to be used with the SHORTSTOPP® hot tapping and plugging operations.

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