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Plugging Products

Plugging Products

Plugging Equipment

Trust the True Pioneer and Leader In Pipeline Plugging Equipment

TDW introduced the STOPPLE® plugging system in the early 1950s and today it remains the most reliable and widely-used method of isolating a section of pipeline. TDW continues its commitment to be the world leader in the development of engineering solutions to maintain maximum piping system productivity during scheduled maintenance, retro-lifting, new construction, alterations and emergencies.

Backed by one of the largest, most experienced engineering staffs in the world, we have the expertise and technical support to design and fabricate customized equipment.

SHORTSTOPP® Plugging Systems

The lightweight SHORTSTOPP® plugging/completion machine is versatile and easy to operate. When used as a plugging machine, it will plug 1 1/2 inch at 275 psi and 2 inch to 4 inch lines at 500 psi, and can be used on SHORTSTOPP® 300 D fittings (ASME Class 300). As a completion machine, it has a full range capability of setting 1 1/2-inch to 12-inch completion plugs and will adapt to existing housings in the field.

STOPPLE® Plugging Machines

Plugging machines serve as temporary block valves installed anywhere in a piping system. They are used to isolate a section of line for repairs or additions without interruption of service. Available for pipe sizes 4 inches and larger

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