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Company Values

Company Values

Initiative, Interdependence, Integrity

T.D. Williamson has maintained a reputation of respect and excellence as a supplier, customer, employer and community partner for more than 90 years. This legacy is built on our organization's values, which define who we are as a company. We have three core values, often referred to as "the three I's." They are integrity, interdependence and initiative.

Integrity means we build trust by doing the right things the right way, all the time.

Interdependence means we are mutually reliant on each other to achieve our common goals.

Initiative means we see opportunities, have the courage to take action and deliver results.

Our founder, T.D. Williamson, Sr., exemplified these values, and so do TDW personnel from around the globe. Today's business is constantly changing, but the core values on which this company was built have not, and will not. Our values are the driving force behind the past success of the organization, and they set the course for continued excellence in the future.