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История компании


T.D. Williamson Sr. establishes “The Petroleum Electric Company.”

January 2, 1920, is the official date T.D. Williamson Sr. starts his earliest business venture, “The Petroleum Electric Company,” an electrical contracting firm serving the emerging petroleum industry’s needs for power. The Petroleum Electric Company supplies electric motors, electric generator stations, and other oil field applications. One development of importance during the 12 years as The Petroleum Electric Company: a cup-type rubber for pipeline cleaning tools is conceived by William Heltzel. The concept is broached to a rubber manufacturing company, with the end result being cup rubbers for pipeline scrapers.


T.D. Williamson, Inc. established.

With the expansion of the business, the name T.D. Williamson, Inc. (TDW) is established. The first location under this newly chartered name is on East 15th Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But within two years the location becomes too small to handle expanding business, so we acquire land at our present site. The first building is erected in 1947, followed by others that now house most of our Tulsa operations. 


TDW provides scrapers (“pigs”) for the War Emergency Pipeline System.

In 1942, the War Emergency Pipeline System was built in response to an urgent wartime need for huge quantities of oil and gasoline on the East Coast to supply that area and the Armed Forces in Europe. The 20- and 24-inch pipelines were the first of the large size and pipeline scrapers had not been developed for that size requirement. TDW was asked to develop a pipeline scraper capable of effectively meeting the needs of the large diameter piping system, consequently the “Pig” was born.


TDW introduces the first pipeline tapping machine.

Not long after the first pig moved TDW into the pipeline equipment manufacturing business, a major pipeline company licenses TDW to manufacture and market their invention for a “tapping” machine: a device for drilling branch connections to piping systems without leakage or interruption of line flow. The name “tapping” is applied to the TDW line of machines, which now span a tapping range from one-inch to four-foot diameters with high temperatures and pressures.


TDW introduces the first folding head STOPPLE® plugging machine.

TDW again takes a pioneering role by performing the first folding head STOPPLE® plugging job on a 24" X 36" cast iron gas main for Consolidated Gas.


TDW introduces the PIG-SIG® scraper passage indicator.

The TDW PIG-SIG® scraper passage indicator gives positive indication of pig passage with an electrical or a mechanical visual signal that is extended or non-extended. The PIG-SIG indicator eliminates man hours required to wait and listen for a scraper to pass through the pipeline. 


TDW introduces the SHORTSTOPP® low pressure plugging machine.

Having already pioneered the development of high pressure tapping and plugging equipment, TDW announces in June of 1961 the unique SHORTSTOPP®, a low-pressure plugging machine that provides a quick and effective way to stop-off piping at working pressures up to 60 psi and temperatures to 180° F. Introduced for the first time at the AGA Distribution conference in Philadelphia, the SHORTSTOPP machine creates tremendous interest for use in low-pressure piping. 


TDW introduces new STOPPLE® Fittings (LOCK-O-RING® Flange, Full Branch Split Tee and 3-Way™ Tee).

The announcement of a new line of STOPPLE® fittings marks the culmination of a five-year research and development program conducted by TDW engineers to provide an improved fitting without increased cost. The outstanding performance of the new designs in cyclic pressure testing demonstrates their superiority to previous designs.​


TDW completes an historic underwater tap at 130 feet in the Gulf of Mexico.

The world’s deepest underwater tie-in takes place 22 miles off Grand Isle, Louisiana, in the Gulf of Mexico. Because of the 130 foot depth, divers can only spend about an hour on the sea floor. To work without interruption, twelve divers are on the job, with only one or two on the bottom at a time. Approximately 36 hours are required to set the sleeve, make the tap and tie-in the loop. Total working time on the entire project is only seven days.


TDW opens manufacturing plants in Belgium and Great Britain.

To meet the demand of an expanding European market, TDW opens a new manufacturing plant in Belgium and expands the manufacturing capabilities of the plant in England. The two plants are strategically placed to provide hot tapping and plugging equipment, pipeline pigs, cathodic protection equipment and rental service for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries in Europe.​


T.D. Williamson (Canada) Ltd. opens new manufacturing facility.

Located at Georgetown, Ontario, this new plant provides more than 13,000 square feet of floor space devoted to the production of TDW equipment for Canada’s growing pipeline and hydrocarbon processing industries.


TDW develops a revolutionary underwater tapping device.

Through an extensive research and development program, TDW formulates a rapid method for subsea pipeline tapping. The use of the new method, which utilizes a shaped charge explosive and a special fitting, offers potential savings of several thousand dollars on a typical undersea hot tapping operation.


TDW introduces the world’s largest batching pig.

The 56-inch, bi-directional batching pig is one of two pigs built at TDW’s Tulsa plant. Scheduled for service in the Middle East, the pigs are used as separators between salt water and crude oil.


TDW introduces the KALIPER® pipeline geometric surveyor.

The KALIPER® pig is designed to measure, record and locate changes in the inside diameter of pipelines. It can detect dents and obstructions in the pipe, as well as record changes in the wall thickness. A KALIPER pig survey made in a newly constructed line can assure operators that the line is in good condition before it is put on-stream.


TDW develops and introduces the conical pig cup for improved performance.

TDW Services, Inc. completes the engineering and development of the conical pig cup. The conical cups are for use on standard scraper-type pigs and may be furnished at special diameters to provide optimal pipeline performance.


TDW performs the pipeline survey and provides the lead fill pig for startup of the Alyeska Pipeline.

Having been involved in the trans-Alaskan pipeline project from early in its planning stages, TDW designs, builds and operates the KALIPER® pig used during construction of the pipeline. The historic climax to the Alyeska line-fill operation is the arrival of the “pig” that led the first oil from Alaska’s North Slope, traversing 800 miles of pipeline and into storage tanks at the ice-free port of Valdez. The pig, one of three TDW pigs run relay fashion, precedes the oil through the line, separating the crude from a nitrogen line-fill that created back pressure for smooth operation.


TDW opens a customer-oriented training school.

A new fully-equipped and staffed training facility opens in Tulsa, Oklahoma, near the main TDW manufacturing facility. Training classes consist of three days of personal, comprehensive instruction. This includes actual operation of TDW equipment in a structured classroom environment, with audio-visual presentations and demonstrations on the proper use and maintenance of the equipment.


TDW opens a new manufacturing plant in Tulsa.

Opened December, the new plant has more than 125,000 square feet, making it 75 percent larger than the old plant. The new plant also offers a 40 percent increase in available square feet of vertical storage. Crane coverage (33 cranes ranging in capacity from one to 20 tons) is provided for 90 percent of the manufacturing area. The new plant enables TDW to produce more goods, more efficiently. Improved productivity increases the company’s ability to supply the needs of its customers and serves to keep down product costs.


TDW announces the Vantage® IV pig.

TDW begins full-scale production of the VANTAGE® IV pig, which can be used in about 80 percent of all pigging applications. It easily adapts for use as a batching pig, a dewatering pig and a cleaning pig, with a choice of either urethane blades or steel wire brushes. An aluminum plate may also be added for use as a gauging pig. The VANTAGE IV pig is lower in cost, with only one basic body and cup required for all pigging functions.


TDW executes the first underwater plugging operation.

TDW Services performs the first known subsea STOPPLE® plugging machine operation off the Louisiana coast at a depth of 25 feet. A corrosion inspection pig is lodged in a section of 12-inch transmission line, in an area where the pipe apparently sustained damage from a “spud” barge. Flow from the offshore platform to the terminal some 53 miles away is restricted even further when two locator pigs, launched in the line, also become stuck. The pipeline company, familiar with TDW’s expertise in hot tapping and plugging, gives TDW Services the go-ahead for the first underwater STOPPLE plugging machine operation. This underwater operation proves to be a safe and efficient solution to a critical situation, avoiding more down time and expense for the pipeline.


TDW introduces the SHORTSTOPP® 500 plugging system.

The SHORTSTOPP® 500 plugging system is introduced, along with the full line of new 300D fittings, Split Tee, 3-Way™ Tee and Spherical 3-Way™ Tee. The SHORTSTOPP 500 plugging system is an upgrade of the 275 plugging system that had been in use since 1973.


TDW opens Singapore facility.

TDW announces the opening of a facility in Singapore, T.D. Williamson Asia Pacific Ptc Ltd.​


TDW becomes ISO 9001 certified.

TDW announces on June 11 that it is officially ISO 9001 certified. The certification applies to the design and manufacture of engineered systems for monitoring, pigging, tapping and plugging essential piping systems in refineries, chemical plants, public utilities, onshore and offshore pipelines, gas transmission and distribution systems.


TDW Services completes the largest hot tap in the Western Hemisphere.

TDW Services completes the largest hot tap – 66 inches – ever performed by TDW in the United States. The job takes place in the Miami, Florida, area on a sewer line expansion project. The application engineer reports that the tap is successfully completed in about six hours.


TDW offers new pipeline cleaning service.

The Pigging Products Division, located at the Pipeline Surveys location in West Tulsa, announces formation of a new pipeline cleaning services group. TDW Pigging Products does this in response to the need to help the pipeline industry reduce costs, which includes reducing maintenance personnel and equipment.


TDW grows during challenging economic times.

Despite challenging economic times, T.D. Williamson, Inc. opens the new TDW Technology Center. With many local companies laying people off and cutting expenditures, TDW invests time, resources and money into developing a high-tech facility where pipeline owners, operators and technicians can receive hands-on training and qualification for a wide range of pipeline operations and maintenance tasks.


TDW acquires Plugging Specialists International (PSI).

TDW announces on October 3 the acquisition of Plugging Specialists International (PSI). The acquisition represents a significant commitment for TDW and enhances offshore market presence with proven technology and application capabilities. Combining TDW’s product and service offerings with PSI technology, engineering and project management is expected to accelerate TDW’s growth in the offshore services market.


TDW performs the largest-ever line stop job on a 102-inch wastewater line in Baltimore.

Baltimore faces a serious problem when sinkholes begin developing above the city’s primary wastewater collection line. The city moves quickly to assess the physical condition of their aging 102-inch pre-stressed concrete pipe. An ultrasound scan of the pipe’s interior reveals that years of gas accumulation has decomposed the top lining of the concrete pipe, causing debris to collect at the bottom of the line. Despite the logistical complexities of tapping and plugging such a large diameter pipe, Baltimore never experiences any interruption in wastewater collection.


TDW facilitates the Chicago O’Hare Modernization Project.

To make room for a new runway during Chicago’s $6.6-billion O’Hare Modernization Project, almost a mile of 90-inch, 25-year-old high-pressure concrete water main is relocated without disrupting drinking water service to 300,000-plus residents in seven communities. The city of Chicago chooses TDW technology because it saves approximately $80 million over the next best method, yet achieves the same results. Construction of the rerouted line is achieved and flow restored to the new section of water main, all without the slightest interruption to service.


TDW Offshore performs hot tapping and plugging above the Arctic Circle.

TDW Offshore Services provides a 30-inch SmartPlug® tool to successfully isolate a transit line at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. This SmartPlug isolation project has the distinction of being completed at the highest-ever latitude and in the coldest weather (minus 13 degrees Celsius, not including the wind chill.


T.D. Williamson maintains locations on every continent except Antarctica.

With the addition of service centers in Dubai, Bischheim and Moscow, the total number of T.D. Williamson locations worldwide hits 50, with a TDW outlet on every continent except Antarctica.


TDW opens three new service centers on two continents in one month.

May 2007 is an unusually active month, as T.D. Williamson, Inc. celebrates the opening of three new service centers: Jamnagar, India; Rayong, Thailand; and Warsaw, Poland.


TDW completes a record-setting offshore hot tap.

One hundred miles off the northwest coast of Australia, at a depth of 425 feet, a 30-inch line carrying gas from platforms to an existing 40-inch trunk line poses numerous technical and environmental concerns. TDW completes the subsea hot tap in just six hours with a single cutter. Upon completion, the cutter is retracted and the valve closed. With the coupon still inside it, the tapping machine is raised with the frame assembly and loaded back on board the ship. TDW technicians are informed by Australian sources that they have just completed the largest-ever verified subsea hot tap.


TDW SA Carries Out First STOPPLE® Train Intervention Operation In Europe.

T.D. Williamson SA performed its first STOPPLE® Train intervention operation on a pipeline in Europe. The operation took place in Italy at the SARPOM Refinery (Raffineria S.A.R.P.O.M.), which is owned by ExxonMobil and ERG Petroli. The refinery is located on the border of the Piedmont and Lombardy regions in the heart of the Po Valley.


TDW Opens Manufacturing Facility in India.

TDW announces the opening of a 7,500 square meter Engineering and Manufacturing Center in Savli near Vadodara, India, as part of its continuing commitment to the Indian pipeline and petroleum processing market.


TDW Introduces Spiral Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection Tool.

TDW announced the debut of its patent pending Spiral Magnetic Flux Leakage (SMFL) inspection tool, the latest addition to its range of magnetic flux leakage inspection tools.


TDW Announces the D-500 Threaded Closure.

D-500 Threaded Closures are an economical solution for providing quick, easy and safe internal access to pressure vessels (pig traps, filters / strainers, blow downs). With quick delivery and optional features, D-500 Threaded Closures will become your small diameter closures of choice.


TDW Opens First Facility in Colombia.

TDW opened its first facility in Bogotá, Colombia, in response to demand for its pipeline pressure isolation and repair services.


TDW Asia Pacific PTE. LTD Performs Largest Ever Hot Tap & Folding STOPPLE® Plug Operation In Far East-Asia Pacific On Critical Water Main Line In Vietnam.

TDW announced completion of a challenging hot tap and folding STOPPLE® plugging operation on a critical water main in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The operation, carried out for engineering design, construction and supervision consultants CDM International on behalf of Saigon Water Corporation (SAWACO), is the largest STOPPLE plugging operation TDW has performed in the Far East – Asia Pacific region.


TDW Opens New Office In Western Australia.

TDW opened a new office in Perth, Western Australia in a strategic move to offer customers its full range of products and services. Located on St. George’s Terrace in the heart of downtown Perth, it serves as the administrative and engineering services center for all offshore operations currently being conducted in Western Australia and Victoria, and for supporting future operations in Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.


T.D. Williamson, Inc. Performs First Subsea STOPPLE® Train Isolation.

TDW announced completion of the first-ever subsea STOPPLE® Train isolation. The patented STOPPLE® Train plugging system links two plugging heads into a “train” capable of providing the added assurance of double block at each isolation point. The double isolation was performed in about 60 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico to facilitate abandonment and decommissioning of an old platform.


TDW Offshore Services AS Develops Largest Ever SmartPlug® Isolation Tool.

TDW Offshore Services AS (TDW) announced today that it has successfully designed and built a customized 48-inch SmartPlug® pipeline pressure isolation tool for Nord Stream AG. Weighing approximately 12 tons, it is the largest SmartPlug tool ever produced.


TDW Unveils Remote-Controlled Subsea Tapping Machine.

Lightweight Diverless System Offers Direct Control, Enhancing Safety and Efficiency. T.D. Williamson (TDW) today announced the successful development and field deployment of the Subsea 1200RC Tapping Machine, its new compact remote-controlled subsea hot tapping machine. The system, which is extremely lightweight, allows hot tapping to be carried out from the safety of a Diving Support Vessel (DSV) or platform, resulting in significant safety benefits and improvement in operational control.


T.D. Williamson Opens First Office In Kazakhstan.

TDW announced the opening of a new office in Kazakhstan. The facility has been set up as a limited liability partnership (LLP) in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Atyrau was chosen because it is known as an “Oil Capital,” with a number of major oil and gas companies and service providers operating in the area. The city possesses a well-developed infrastructure, a good transportation system, and is located at the juncture of Europe and Asia, making it the perfect hub for expanding the company’s operations in the region.


Longest Ever Isolation in TDW History Helps Origin Energy Reach Major Milestone.

TDW Offshore Services (TDW) has completed the longest ever pipeline isolation operation in company history for Origin Energy Limited (Origin). For 299 days, the company’s remotely-operated SmartPlug® pressure isolation tool remained in the Origin pipeline network offshore Australia. The purpose was to create a double-block isolation against gas pressure to depressurize a key section of the pipeline. This was necessary in order that heavy lifting operations could be safely carried out to install a new 600-ton accommodation module as part of the Yolla Mid Life Enhancement (MLE) project. In addition, an emergency shutdown valve (ESDV) was replaced.


TDW Unveils New Inspection Reporting Software.

Program Makes Dig Sheet Production Easier Than Ever. T.D. Williamson (TDW), a world leader in pipeline services and equipment, announced that it has developed and deployed a new proprietary inline inspection reporting software known as Interactive Report 2013. Designed with inline inspection (ILI) services customers in mind, Interactive Report 2013 is a data visualization tool that makes it easy for users to filter and view their pipeline inspection data, with the goal of helping them to more intuitively assess where problem areas exist.


TDW Offshore Services Offers SMARTTRACK™ Monitoring System To Global Mareket.

TDW Offshore Services (TDW) announced that, for the first time, it is offering its SmartTrack™ remote tracking and pressure-monitoring system for use in the global marketplace. Until now, this proprietary technology has been used exclusively by TDW to carry out pipeline pressure isolation operations in conjunction with the company’s SmartPlug® isolation system.


TDW Introduces Novel Remote-Controlled Pipeline Clamp Installation Tool.

TDW today announced the introduction of the Clamp Installation Tool (CIT), a new remote-controlled system that makes it possible to install any proprietary fittings or clamps on subsea pipelines in need of repair or to prepare for tie-ins to new pipelines. The lightweight CIT is operated via remote control through a laptop by an experienced technician onboard a platform or a diving support vessel (DSV). As a result, operational safety is enhanced, and control over fitting installation operations is greatly improved.


TDW Opens New Maintenance Center in Abu Dhabi.

TDW opens a new maintenance center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Record High STOPPLE® Train Pipeline Pressure Intervention Carried Out By TDW.

Intervention in Scorching Australian Desert Facilitates Safe Repair of Valve Without Disrupting Production. TDW announced that it recently performed the highest ever STOPPLE® Train pipeline pressure intervention in company history in Australia. An operating pipeline pressure of approximately 1480 psi (102 bar) was maintained throughout the operation, which made it possible to safely remove and replace a pipeline valve in a remote desert in North West Australia.


500,000 Miles . . . and Counting, T.D. Williamson Reaches Inline Inspection Milestone.

In July of 2014, TDW announced that its technology had helped customers inspect 500,000 miles (805,000 kilometers) of pipeline.


When 1,000 Saves Hundreds of Millions, T.D. Williamson Celebrates STOPPLE® Train Isolation Milestone. 

Recently, global pipeline service provider T.D. Williamson (TDW) celebrated its 1,000th STOPPLE® Train double block and bleed isolation. That’s certainly proof of an impressive expertise in a highly important technology, but what TDW is really celebrating is that its customers trust the STOPPLE Train system and the quality of TDW’s professional service with so many important applications. One thousand is a big number when measuring trust. In this case, it’s also a measure of TDW’s dominance in the method of pipeline intervention and isolation.