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Why Work Here

Why Work HereAt TDW, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our personnel. Additionally, we understand our place as a corporate leader in maintaining a standard of excellence in environmental care.

It is TDW policy to comply with all applicable occupational health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations, and to conduct our business in a manner that protects the health and safety of our personnel, others involved in our operations, customers and the general public within the communities in which we operate. This policy ensures we are dedicated to continuous efforts to improve our health, safety and environmental performance throughout our operations.

TDW expects that each employee will have this same level of commitment to health, safety, and environmental excellence. The company's effort to prevent all incidents, injuries, occupational illnesses and all environmental contamination requires each person's involvement.

It is our commitment to ensure that all personnel involved in TDW operations understand their role in the company's efforts to provide a safe and environmentally friendly workplace. As part of this commitment, TDW will provide appropriate health, safety, and environmental training to ensure that hazards are recognized and addressed, and that safe operating procedures are observed.

It is our goal to provide the resources and support necessary to make health, safety and the protection of the environment an integral part of our business philosophy.